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co2 fractional laser | Buy & Rent

COSCAN 5000 laser with advanced Co2 Fractional technology is made by STRATEK South Korea. Using the non-invasive treatment system, this device divides the laser beam into thousands of microscopic rays. COSCAN 5000 device with advanced scanner, Surgical Pen and intelligent software system can be used in both Ablative and Nonablative form. Fractional Co2 laser can be used to treat wrinkles, acne scars, other types of scars (including burn scars), skin pigmentation and skin yellowness. This device also helps to tighten the skin. It can also be used to treat non-facial areas such as hands, neck and chest.

Edge one laser – Buy Edge one laser

Edge one laser is the best-selling fractional co2 laser in Asia, especially Iran, European countries and America. Fractional Edge One laser is one of the unique products of Jeisys South Korea. Due to the high manufacturing technology, the clinical results with 100% satisfaction rate and also the safety of the treatment, succeeded in obtaining the approval of the American FDA and the European CE standard. The wide range of treatment services that Edge one fractional laser provides to doctors. The treatment results obtained and the level of satisfaction of the clients are among the reasons for the popularity of this device among plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hair and beauty specialists. Jeisys company, after achieving remarkable success in the field of treating skin problems with the help of Ej One, and after extensive studies and several clinical trials, by adding a therapeutic handpiece for women, was able to gain popularity among Chinese gynecologists and obstetricians. By producing this handpiece, it showed that the health of every member of the society is one of the main concerns of this company's specialists. Using high and sustained peak power, Edge Pulse ablate tissue very quickly, leaving a narrow, controlled zone of thermal damage. Edge one laser features Edge Pulse (High Peak Power – Super Pulse) provides a strong power in a very short period of time, which enables deep skin treatment in the smallest target areas, reduces pain and scarring, high peak power allows To have a subtle and deep thermal effect with minimal carbonation. Variety of treatment spot sizes with very high precision of 120 µm and wide coverage of 800 µm with fast wound healing time with different beam patterns, flexible heat transfer method to minimize thermal damage to prevent PIH.

Endolift device – buy endolift device – rent endolift device

Endolift laser is the newest and most up-to-date technique of lifting and rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck, removing puffiness and contouring (angulation) of the face in the world. ENDOLIFT is a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure used in intratissue (intertissue) aesthetic medicine. Laser treatment is performed with the latest Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500 technology (licensed and approved by the US FDA for laser liposuction). Endolift laser is a subcutaneous type, while all rejuvenation lasers were performed on the skin until now. Endolift laser is a 1470 nm diode type, which is applied under the skin by ultra-fine fibers (microfibers), which stimulates collagen and tightens and finally stretches the so-called face and neck skin lift.

Hifunik Device- Buy Hifunik Device

Hifunik Device Modern hifu device for beautification with hyphotherapy method The Hifunik Device is one of the new beauty medical devices and equipment, in which three cartridges of one and a half, three and four and a half millimeters are used in order to improve sagging skin in different areas of the face. Also, the Hifunik Device is equipped with centerless technology, which is safe from skin burns and minimizes the pain caused by the skin rejuvenation procedure. The Hifunik Device is one of the examples of hyphotherapy devices that work with high-intensity concentrated ultrasonic waves. By creating heat at the depths of 1.5, 3 and 4.5 mm, the HIFU device strengthens the collagen formation in the skin and thereby makes the skin stronger and more elastic. This cosmetic method is one of the most effective methods in skin rejuvenation, which by lifting the neck and face and increasing the elasticity of the skin, removes wrinkles and brings new youth to the person. The use of this device is increasing significantly worldwide today, and since the demand for its use is high, the use of various types of hypotherapy devices has become very common, and due to economic considerations, some clinics and hospitals and private practices, especially clinics Those who have just started their work prefer to use the possibility of renting Haifu types.

INTRAcel™ Microneedling – Buy & Rent

INTRAcel device is manufactured by Jeisys South Korea. For the first time in the world, this device presented the most complete technology for the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin by combining the 3 technologies of microneedling, radiofrequency and fractional. Unlike other existing microneedling devices, Intracell uses a very professional system to inject RF energy with very high quality needles made in Spain. In this advanced method of rejuvenation, RF energy is transmitted deep into the skin through 49 tiny gold-plated needles. Very small injuries that occur in the skin stimulate collagen and the normal function of the body. During this treatment, the production of collagen and elastin is started and it effectively tightens the skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pimples. Intracel microneedling device rental, intracel laser device purchase by the largest center providing laser and beauty devices, Aria Laser Pasargad Company

Planik fractional plasma laser – buy fractional plasma laser

PLANIK plasma is the first fractional and revolutionary plasma method for complete face and body rejuvenation and is considered a huge innovation in plasma technology. PLANIK Fractional Plasma is a safe method without any side effects or damage to the skin, which will be available with very little investment due to its tremendous effectiveness. What is fractional plasma treatment? Fractional plasma is a skin rejuvenation procedure that can reduce the appearance of everything from fine lines and open pores to sagging skin and acne scars. Among the features of fractional plasma laser device High safety, low side effects, excellent effectiveness, long durability Very high precision treatment using matrix plasma technology Very high level of safety and hygiene in order not to contact the needle of the device with the body's skin The reasonable price of Planik and the consumption costs of this device compared to other devices The amazing effect of planic in the regeneration of skin elastin and collagen

Ultherapy – Buy Ultherapy – Ultherapy Rental

Hifu Ultra laser is a non-invasive and painless method for tightening and lifting the face, which sends ultrasound waves deep into the skin through special props. In this treatment, ultrasound waves are used to produce collagen and thus increase the strength of the skin. Also, hypotherapy is effective for face lifting and wrinkles. Although hyphotherapy will not be effective for people who have sagging skin in the face and neck area. HIFU laser ultrasound waves penetrate into the lower layers of the skin and create heat there, forcing them to produce collagen, which increases collagen makes the skin firmer and reduces wrinkles. People with severe laxity and many wrinkles in the skin of the face and neck are not suitable candidates for hypotherapy and need surgery.

Several medical specialties have for some time now integrated laser technology into their daily practices: Dermatology and aesthetic medicine are the most popular. Lasers are used for tattoo removal, long-term hair removal, acne treatment and skin rejuvenation to improve and firm the skin. When it comes to hair removal, the results depend on the type of skin, given that the lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the more effective the results will be.