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Cutera Laser Hair Removal | Face & Body Aesthetic

excel® HR laser is made by the famous American Cutera company. Redundant hair laser, removal of pigment and vascular lesions Alex Sard Kotra is designed by the most advanced laser technology and laser hair removal is offered for any skin type. The combination of its wavelengths is a solution for removing pigmented epidermal lesions, vascular lesions, and skin rejuvenation with the Cutera laser. Excel HR defines the modern hair removal laser by combining high-power 755 nm Alexandrite laser and Cutera 1064 nm long-pulse Nd:YAG laser, along with a cooling system. High efficiency dual wavelength laser system (755/1064) Proprietary truPulse™—Nd:YAG technology Real time grading - instant access to all parameters without reset or delay Resize without replacing fiber optic assemblies Sapphire contact cooling to provide continuous cooling to maximize patient comfort and reduce pain and irritation

Dionik Laser Diode – Buy Dionik Laser – Sell Dionik Laser

Dionik laser is a laser hair removal device that removes hair and protects the skin at the same time. This laser hair removal method is an effective treatment for all types of skin and hair. Laser hair removal with Dionic laser device is an effective treatment. Many patients will find that their hair will not grow back for a long time, and diode laser hair removal is minimally painful. Easy to use, optimal price, effective and fast performance It has a very light handpiece with a long life and affordable Has the power to generate high power laser pulses Can be used for skin types 1 to 5 for quick, safe, permanent and painless treatment Excellent dionic effect on thin and light hair

Olive diode laser | Rent & Buy Olive diode

Diode OLIVE laser device using Germany's DILAS technology and COLLIMATED lens gives uniform output energy to melanin in a single time interval of its pulses. To buy a laser diode device, you should consider several factors. The olive laser machine, which is considered the best diode laser machine, can meet all your needs. In this device, there is always a constant ratio between maximum energy and frequency, which reduces user errors to zero. Contact us for more information about renting or buying a diode laser device.

SmoothCool HYBRID Laser- buy and rent smoothcool

Considering the variety of hair removal devices in Iran and the types of flash lamp and laser systems, the popularity of the Smooth cool device made by the well-known South Korean company Jeisis has not disappeared. The latest version of this device called SmoothCool HYBRID with many and special features and not only for hair removal is now at your disposal. In addition to the HR handpiece, this device has a new handpiece with the ability to change 8 different wavelengths. SmoothCool IPL system is a versatile and powerful system. Smooth Cool is manufactured by the Korea JEISYS company and has FDA approval, which provides a wide range of treatment options with the help of different wavelengths. The high energy of the device, adjusting the number of pulses, intelligent and powerful cooling, makes it possible to treat all skin problems, even the smallest vessels, without complications. The advanced cooling technology used in Smooth Cool, called ATC technology, allows users to use the highest energy, speed with the highest level of safety in various treatments. Integrated high capacity cooling system that can operate from -10℃ to room temperature at any speed. which provides the possibility of convenient and safe use of radiant light energy above any other IPL system. With high treatment speed, more comfort and efficiency, you will have more satisfied clients and ultimately more effectiveness for patients.

Laser hair removal device

With the continued advancement of modern technology, doctors can provide an effective and lasting solution for unwanted hair to have beautiful skin through the purchase of laser hair removal devices and light-based treatments.

What is a laser hair removal machine?

Professional laser hair removal devices are adjustable laser and light-based devices that are primarily intended for hair reduction. This equipment shines a laser on the skin through a specialized handpiece, which helps in relatively painless hair removal treatment.

Laser devices are different in terms of features and capabilities. To ensure that the skin is well protected, some machines, such as the Cutera Cold Alex Laser, the Olive Diode Laser, and the Dionic Diode Laser, are equipped with an internal cooling system that controls the temperature during laser radiation.

What benefits can your customers receive from laser hair removal devices?

By purchasing a laser hair removal device, your customers can enjoy the following benefits:

Immediate results: Most clients can see permanent hair reduction in about three to seven sessions.

Precision: This treatment selectively targets dark hair without damaging the surrounding skin. It is clinically safe and effective on a wide range of skin tones.

Speed: Your customers can save time because this procedure only takes about fifteen to twenty-five minutes (15-25).

Long-term solution: Most patients notice lasting results with laser hair removal. Some may require booster sessions, but over time the remaining unwanted hair will fade.

The best laser hair removal devices

Clinical hair removal laser devices are divided into two general categories, contact lasers (diode) and non-contact lasers (Alex), according to the way they work and the technology used in them.

Today, several hair removal systems are used to effectively reduce unwanted hair through laser and light-based treatments, all of which require follow-up and reminder treatments.

Alexandrite – Alexandrite laser (Alex Sard Kotra) Excel HR laser is considered the fastest laser among all types of lasers. It is intended to be used on light to olive skins, and with the cooling system, it is almost painless.

Nd:Yag – A newer form of laser, (Nd:Yag) uses a topical carbon solution that is applied to the skin to absorb a spectrum of wavelengths that are then absorbed by the hair follicles. This type of laser hair removal is effective and safe for dark skin.

Diode – The diode laser emits a unit of light energy that targets the melanin in the hair follicle. Melanin then absorbs the energy, thereby preventing hair regrowth. This laser has excellent results on a wide range of skin types.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL Laser) – IPL laser is a laser therapy that is used to treat a wide range of cosmetic diseases such as laser hair removal, rejuvenation and acne removal. It works by penetrating the skin and targeting the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. The unique feature of IPL is the ability to control the wavelength entering the skin, which works well for both light and dark hair.

How do diode laser hair removal devices work?

The diode laser emits a wavelength of light that has a higher melanin absorption rate. Along with the longer pulse width, surface cooling to protect the skin from burns is also one of the great features of this device. Melanin absorbs heat and damages the deep bulb of the hair follicle, thereby disrupting hair growth. Thanks to the ability of diode lasers to deliver high-frequency pulses, this procedure can be performed safely without any complications.

How do Alex Sard Kotra laser hair removal devices work?

Alex Cutera is the most advanced laser device that permanently removes body hair without damaging the skin. The special difference of this device in terms of quality, professional settings and skin cooling has made it one of the most popular laser hair removal devices. Among the advantages of the Alexandrite Kotra laser, it can be mentioned that it is effective in the least number of sessions, Cold Alex has a wavelength of 755nm and a real pulse of 1064nm, for this reason, compared to other hair removal laser devices, fewer sessions are needed to achieve complete removal. Hair is needed.

Who can work with a laser hair removal machine?

Generally, dermatologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and laser technicians are authorized to perform this procedure under the direct supervision of a physician.

How long should I wait between laser hair removal treatments?

In most cases, an interval of four weeks is recommended. To ensure effectiveness, the hair in question must be in the anagen phase, or when the hair is actively growing.

Laser hair removal treatment areas

The most common laser hair removal treatment areas are the face, upper lip, neck, armpits, legs, bikini line, arms, back, chest and abdomen.

Laser hair removal treatment for subcutaneous hair

Pseudofolliculitis, commonly known as ingrown hairs or razor bumps, is a common condition among people with dark, thick hair. As the name suggests, the hair curls back and penetrates the skin with its tips, causing papules that may lead to inflammation. Shaving and removing excess hair are the main cause of excess hair that can be removed with laser hair removal.

Since this method directly targets the hair follicle, it removes the ingrown hair permanently. After laser hair removal, the treated hair grows thinner and less, thus avoiding the appearance of unsightly red bumps.

Hair removal laser treatment for hair growth

Removing excess hair in certain areas of the face and body for cosmetic reasons has become a normal thing. Many women consider it a part of their daily lifestyle and personal hygiene. For example, removing underarm hair can reduce sweating in a humid environment.

This is where laser hair removal comes into play. Both men and women may feel bad about unwanted body hair, and laser hair removal can easily help boost their self-esteem. Recovery time is minimal and patients can return to their normal routine immediately after laser treatment.

Buy laser hair removal for hirsutism

While some people are treated for cosmetic purposes, for others, it is a way to control the symptoms of an underlying disease. Hirsutism or excessive hair growth in women is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hormonal disorders.

Laser hair removal is the treatment of choice for unwanted hair. It has a high level of effectiveness and may help improve the quality of life among patients.

Laser hair removal treatment for keloid folliculitis

Acne vulgaris (AKN), also known as keloid folliculitis, is a chronic form of folliculitis that appears on the back of the head and neck. Symptoms include alopecia, keloid lesions, and scarring, which are more common in men. Treatment methods include the administration of antibiotics and corticosteroids, either oral or topical. As with other follicular disorders, laser hair removal has shown good efficacy with low recurrence. In one study, the clearing of lesions was observed after four sessions of diode laser treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment for keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a common skin disease characterized by small, rough papules often described as chicken skin, affecting the proximal extremities. Although there is no known cause, it is caused by a buildup of keratin in the hair follicle and may occur in people with a genetic disorder or an existing skin condition such as atopic dermatitis. Usually, this complication is resolved by itself gradually or with the help of moisturizing and medicinal creams. While the diode laser is commonly used to remove unwanted hair, it may also treat keratosis pilaris by removing the keratin along with the hair shaft.

Laser hair removal consumables/costs

Newer models of laser devices, such as Alex Sard Kotra and Diode Olive, do not require expensive consumables. Low maintenance costs mean more value for the business. It is your clinic.

Advantages of laser hair removal machine for your beauty clinic

Investing in the purchase of laser hair removal devices can add significant value to your business. The most obvious advantage is the opportunity to sell and make more profit.

When buying a laser machine, you need to make sure that you do it according to the number of your customers. Offering the latest technology can validate your brand and allow you to reach a wider segment of the population that is most likely to need your services while retaining your existing customers.

Treatments that you can do with diode laser hair removal machine

Diode laser devices like the Olive Diode meet the growing demand for safe hair removal technology. Using the right spot size and wavelength, it is effective for:

Removal of facial and body hair
Non-invasive vascular treatments
Benign vascular and pigmented lesions