Beauty and medical laser machine rental

Develop your business without hassle and without paying heavy fees. If you are a cosmetologist or the manager of a specialized cosmetology clinic or health and sports centers, you can develop your business by relying on the experience and knowledge of Aria Laser Pasargad company in renting all kinds of cosmetology and treatment laser devices as well as our expert team. Provide a variety of medical services to your customers.

Providing laser machine rental services to all cities of Iran with professional operators

Aria Laser Pasargad is the best guide for buying a new or used laser machine. And also the laser device rental options with the best price (laser device rental) in Iran.

We have a wide range of lasers and IPL systems available and can supply almost any type of laser system on the market today. From hair removal lasers such as Alex Sard Kotra, Olive Diode, smoothcool laser to rejuvenating lasers such as endolift, hifu, co2 fractional, as well as the best brands of body contouring surgery devices such as lipolysis and lipopost, etc. for all dear doctors and centers Provide treatment and hospital.

Since Aria Laser is an independent authority, we know the pros and cons of most lasers on the market today, so we can offer the best advice to ensure you get a product that fits your needs. You are presented.

Except for lasers purchased directly from the dealer, all lasers come with a warranty and technical support. We also prepare different seminars through our approved educational centers and organizations to provide better services to you dear ones.

In addition to new and used lasers, we also provide consulting and sales of the latest treatment and beauty systems, and you will find a wide range of beauty lasers through us.

The types of systems that are available for rent include:

New beauty laser devices
Replacing parts of beauty laser devices
Used beauty laser devices

The availability of our laser inventory changes regularly, so please contact us for more information about renting or purchasing the laser machine you need.

اجاره دستگاه لیزر

At Aria Laser Pasargad, as part of our commitment to help our customers in the best way possible, we try to offer a wide range of laser devices through which you can add modern and up-to-date equipment to your business.

Advantages of cooperation with Aria Laser Pasargad:


Super professional laser devices

High quality equipment with a full warranty with a high level of service and support.


No need to invest

Use your funds to upgrade your clinic. And benefit from a wide range of laser devices at a lower cost.



Quickly adapt to changing conditions and use modern and up-to-date devices. Increase and decrease your request as needed. Flexible rental periods are available.

How to rent a laser machine

The most common challenge that clinic owners face is the lack of funds to purchase professional equipment. The Aria Laser rental plan will help business growth by allowing owners to rent devices at a reasonable cost on a daily or weekly basis.

One of Aria Laser’s expert consultants will work with you to review your business and plans. Together, we can help you decide on the type of laser machine, rental price, and service plans that are right for you.

7-day service: Our service is included in rental contracts, which means there will be no interruptions in service time.

Installation: Our team of experts will deliver and install your device at your location.

Operator team: We send professional and trained operators to your location for ease of working with the device.

Why buy a laser machine or rent a laser machine from Aria Laser Pasargad?

We seek to establish long-term relationships with our customers by providing the best laser devices. The terms of renting or buying our beauty laser devices allow you to match the device and price to your business needs.

Rent or buy which laser device?

Choosing the right laser for you and your clinic is important. We offer professional, up-to-date and fully guaranteed devices from the best manufacturers, allowing you to provide the best treatments to your patients.