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اندولیفت آریا لیزر

Endolift laser is the newest and most up-to-date technique of lifting and rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck, removing puffiness and contouring (angulation) of the face in the world. The diode laser is 1470 nm, which is applied under the skin through ultra fine fibers (microfiber).

excel® HR, CUTERA Alexandrite laser produced in the United States of America, which is known in the world as COLD ALEX, is considered the gold standard of hair removal treatment.

A popular alternative to ice baths, our CryoSauna is a luxury machine that evenly lowers body temperature over one to three minutes. Many customers, especially athletes, use the nitrogen-cooled CryoSauna because its extremely low temperature (down to -140°C) is very beneficial for pain relief and muscle recovery.

Using the latest German technology and using the latest method in the world, Lipost removes localized fat in any part of the body that you don’t want to have.


The INTRAcel device is made by Jeisys, a well-known South Korean company. For the first time in the world, this device presented the most promising technology for the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin by combining the 3 technologies of microneedling, radiofrequency and fractional.

All available devices will be provided to respected doctors with prior coordination.
All the side costs of the devices (lamps, handpieces, etc.) and patients (gels, etc.), transfer of the device and dispatch of the operator are the responsibility of the company.

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Sending the most active doctors to visit international exhibitions and congresses
Providing the best facilities to doctors to buy laser and surgical devices
Participation in equipping laser and surgery centers
Conducting full laser therapy and hair transplant training courses


Aria Laser Pasargad is proud to serve respected doctors all over Iran by providing the most equipped, advanced and quality laser devices for skin, hair, beauty and surgery in the world and having an experienced staff.

The activity of Aria Laser Pasargad company is in the field of rent and sale of laser devices for skin, hair and beauty.

All available devices have the American FDA and European CE certificates.

Some of the honors of the company:

  • Cooperation with research centers and universities of medical sciences in Tehran and Isfahan
  • Continuous cooperation with Isfahan Medical System Organization
  • Cooperation with more than 1000 active doctors in the field of aesthetics throughout the country for 15 years
  • Cooperation with more than 250 dermatologists in the field of medical equipment and devices and preparation of articles
  • Cooperation with more than 150 plastic surgeons and general surgeons in the field of liposuction and lipotransfer
  • Cooperation with more than 100 laser centers throughout Iran

With a wide range of the latest laser and beauty equipment, we can always offer you the best options.

Our experts will give you the best advice and plan according to your needs.


Rent a beauty laser machine or buy a beauty laser machine

Since there are different types of laser devices that are used for different treatment methods, it is important for professionals and beauty or medical centers that use laser devices to check the types of devices they need. They must have laser devices that can meet their needs and are easy to use, accurate and professional.

Although there are certainly many similarities between the beauty laser devices available, there may also be subtle differences. Always pay attention to its features before buying or renting a laser device. Choose the devices that work best for your clinic’s needs.

Features of beauty laser devices

A wide range of beauty lasers are readily available today. They can help you provide more and more professional services to your customers. However, it is important to know that there will be irreparable risks if a non-specialist uses beauty laser devices. Only those who are properly trained should use these lasers and should always take proper precautions. For this reason, the specialists of Aria Laser Pasargad will be ready to provide you with specialized training.

About beauty lasers

Nowadays, many people turn to clinics, beauty spas, medical offices, etc. for their beauty needs. These centers can provide a wide range of services. Buying multiple laser devices that can allow you to perform different treatment methods can help you provide more services to your customers.


    Aria Laser Pasargad Company is proud to receive ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certificates in 2014. Also, ISO 10002 (customer satisfaction system) has been obtained from URS England in order to provide the best possible service to respected doctors and specialists in the field of laser device rental and laser device purchase.