What is tattoo removal?

People decide to remove tattoos for various reasons, and there are many different ways to remove tattoos in the world, of which laser is one of the most common and least dangerous methods. The effectiveness of laser cleaning depends on various factors and may take up to a year.

Tattoo removal and its main reasons

Millions of people have tattoos on different parts of their body. Over time, some of these people regret their decision to have a tattoo and decide to remove it. Since the tattoo ink is placed under the top layer of the skin, tattoo removal is more complicated and perhaps more expensive than tattooing. There are several reasons that people finally decide to do this, we will mention a few of them below:

Occupational restrictions: There are restrictions in some professions that people are not allowed to have any tattoos on their body or some organs, for example the military and the judiciary. Therefore, people who have tattoos and want to enter these professions should look for tattoo removal.

Different and new period of life: All people go through different emotional and spiritual periods during their life. In one period of life, having a tattoo may seem like an attractive and desirable idea. But after a long time, entering a new period of life and having new desires, according to various conditions such as society, education, family, etc., they decide to remove the tattoo.

Changing the tattoo design: A group of people do not intend to completely remove the tattoo, but only a partial removal is done and a new design is tattooed.

Allergy to tattoo: Tattoo cleaning is also done in people who are allergic after tattooing and suffer from problems such as infection at the tattoo site.

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Different and common methods of tattoo removal

Tattoo removal has various methods, including laser (kiosuich laser machine), skin removal surgery and dermabrasion. Before taking action, you should consult with a dermatologist or an expert with experience in this field and choose the most suitable method among the available methods. For example, some tattoo inks in the laser method are more effective than other methods. Some small tattoos may be good options for surgical removal.

Buying a laser tattoo removal machine

Laser tattoo removal method:

This method is one of the most common methods in which the powerful energy that is released in each pulse is used to clean the tattoo. Before the laser, the skin is locally numbed. Then, each powerful pulse is applied to the tattoo, which heats and crushes the ink of the tattoo. It should be kept in mind that multi-colored tattoos may require treatment with different lasers and different wavelengths. Also, it is possible that frequent sessions are needed or complete removal of the tattoo is not possible.

After each tattoo removal session, there is a possibility of swelling, blistering or bleeding, so antibacterial ointments can be useful in the recovery process.

Tattoo removal through surgery and skin removal

In the tattoo removal method through auction, the desired part is numbed by injection. The skin of the tattooed part is removed using a surgical blade and the edges of the skin are stitched together. After tattoo removal surgery, antibacterial ointments help the healing process. This method is only useful for cleaning small tattoos, but it should be taken into account that after surgery, scars caused by stitches remain on the skin.

Tattoo removal through dermabrasion

In this method, the desired area becomes so cold that it becomes numb. The tattooed skin is then abraded by a high-speed rotating device that has an abrasive wheel or brush to a surface of the skin that allows the tattoo ink to leave the skin. Pain is present in the affected area for several days after the tattoo is removed, and healing may take up to two or three weeks. This method may have unpredictable consequences and is not recommended compared to a method like laser.

The most appropriate number of sessions required for laser tattoo removal

Some people tend to quickly remove their tattoos, especially those on specific parts such as the wrist or arm. The time required for tattoo removal is a question that concerns all people. It is important to clarify upfront that tattoo removal is a process that relies on the body’s ability to remove ink from the skin. And it is not unusual for it to take up to a year for the ink to be completely removed from the skin. Therefore, people’s awareness of the necessary conditions leads to being satisfied with the result of tattoo removal. In fact, the number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo depends on factors including the type of tattoo colors and their amount, the location or the body with the tattoo, and the layering of the tattoo or, in fact, the depth of the tattoo.

Most people need eight sessions to achieve the desired result, and some of them achieve the desired result with only three to four tattoo removal sessions. In case of scars or having deep and layered tattoos, ten sessions or even more is normal. The interval between sessions depends on the condition of the wound and skin, and doing tattoo removal with short and inappropriate time intervals increases the possibility of skin damage and infection. On average, the intervals between tattoo removal sessions are four to eight weeks, which can change based on the individual’s skin condition. slow

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