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Q-Switched Laser for tattoo | Buy and Rent

Q-Switched 1064nm & 532nm Nd:YAG Laser

COSJET TR COSJET laser made by the famous South Korean company WON TECHNOLOGY, the best solution for removing tattoos, removing tattoos and skin spots, pigment waste Aria Laser Pasargad company provides the service of renting a QSwitch laser device and buying a QSwitch laser device in Iran, contact us for more information. High output power in all stages of treatment is one of the characteristics of Kioswitch laser. Constant output over a large target area with uniform energy distribution enables safe and effective treatment, minimizes thermal skin damage, and selectively removes pigmentation throughout the dermis. Also, PTP mode offers less pain and faster regeneration compared to single pulse.

The best tattoo removal machine

Here are the necessary recommendations for anyone who is planning to buy a laser tattoo removal machine. If you wish, contact us for a free consultation.


Whether you have an established medical practice or are looking to enter the field of aesthetics for the first time, there are many factors to consider before making an informed purchase of a laser tattoo removal machine. Laser tattoo removal devices are very different based on features and capabilities. Some machines are suitable for treating a wide range of tattoos and some systems are ideal for very specific tattoo inks.

This buying guide examines 6 basic concepts that buyers should consider before purchasing laser tattoo removal:

Peak Power – Peak Power
Wavelengths – Wavelengths
Laser maintenance
Training and support

The topics in this article will help you to consider all the options when choosing the right tattoo removal laser device for your clinic or beauty center.

The tattoo removal industry is constantly growing, and entering the field now is a smart move.


The technology used for tattoo removal treatments is called “Q-switching”. It produces a special type of fast and powerful pulse that crushes the tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. To learn more about the technical details of this advanced technology, please visit our Laser QSwitch page.

All other types of cosmetic lasers do not remove tattoos safely and effectively – Kioswitch lasers are the only proven method for safe tattoo removal without scarring.

There are two main types of kyswitch lasers on the market: passive kyswitch and active kyswitch. Passive Kioswitch lasers produce pulses of energy that can remove tattoos, but do not have the high performance capabilities of larger, active Kioswitch laser systems.

Passive Q-switched lasers are usually smaller, more portable, and more affordable, but lack the power and advanced features of active Q-switched models.

COSJET TR COSJET laser is an example of active lasers. Using ND_YAG technology and 2 wavelengths of 1064 and 532 nm, this device is the most effective and least risky treatment for skin blemishes, pigmented lesions and tattoo removal. The high power of the professional system allows you to remove the most stubborn and incurable tattoos from the skin.

The peak power of laser tattoo removal machine

Power is important to achieve quality laser tattoo removal results with any treatment. Some systems may provide adequate fading results for the first few treatments, but are not powerful enough to break down stubborn tattoo ink deep in the dermis. To avoid this problem, it is important to consider the maximum power when deciding to buy a laser.

Peak power is the result of pulse width and energy – the smaller the pulse width and the higher the energy output, the higher the peak power. Higher peak power levels allow practitioners to treat tattoos with greater oscillations without compromising laser spot size. Overall, maximum power allows you to achieve better removal results for increased patient satisfaction.

The length of the waves

Different colors of tattoo ink absorb different wavelengths of energy – meaning tattoo removal professionals switch between different wavelengths of laser energy when laser tattoo removal. Understanding the capabilities of different wavelengths will greatly aid in your laser selection.

There are three common types of Kioswitch lasers in the tattoo removal industry: Nd:YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite.

The laser used by most tattoo removal practitioners is the Nd:YAG laser, such as Q-Switched Nd:YAG, because it is capable of producing the most diverse wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532 nm. The wavelength of 1064 nm is for treating and removing tattoos with black, blue and other dark ink colors. The wavelength of 532 nm is very effective for removing red, orange, pink and other bright colors. These two powerful wavelengths can completely remove 95% of tattoos.

Doctors who are concerned about the remaining 5% of tattoos often use an Alexandrite laser (755 nm). Alexandrite lasers are well absorbed by non-curable ink colors such as lime green, teal and turquoise.

COSJET TR COSJET laser, made by the prominent South Korean company WON TECHNOLOGY, is a powerful option for clinics that are looking for the best type of laser. Beware of “handpiece filter” systems that offer additional wavelengths, but cannot provide sufficient power.

FDA certificate

The US government considers laser tattoo removal a medical procedure. Therefore, laser tattoo removal equipment is classified as a medical device and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“FDA certification means that the tattoo removal method meets the agency’s requirements for safety and effectiveness,” says an FDA representative in his article on tattoo removal.

If you’ve searched for lasers online, you’ve probably seen devices being sold on TRB and other online trading sites. These lasers are usually very attractively priced, but don’t be misled – it is illegal to perform tattoo removal in Iran with devices that are not FDA approved. These lasers are often made with poor quality materials, produce inconsistent amounts of energy, and endanger the patient’s skin.

Penalties for treatment with unlicensed medical devices can range from fines to imprisonment. In addition, any patient who undergoes laser tattoo removal treatment but is not successful and has complications, has the necessary grounds for legal action.

For all these reasons, if you are looking to buy a laser tattoo removal device, please only consider legal and FDA-licensed laser devices from reputable laser companies such as Aria Laser Pasargad. All Aria Laser Pasargad laser systems that are sold in Iran have FDA approval.

Maintenance of laser tattoo removal machine

Advanced tattoo removal lasers with active QSwitches require regular maintenance to perform at their best. These advanced laser systems have delicate technical and optical components that require periodic cleaning, calibration, and alignment. Without preventive maintenance and service by trained professionals, tattoo removal equipment will lose its power and efficiency over time.

Since you’ll likely be doing laser tattoo removal for many years, it’s important to choose a laser supplier that offers continued service after the warranty expires. After all, laser tattoo removal is the cornerstone of your practice.

Some laser vendors do not offer service, which means that if you are not covered by an extended warranty contract, they will not service you if the laser breaks down.

Unlike other beauty and rejuvenation laser device manufacturers and sellers who ignore customers with exorbitant contract fees or neglect to provide responsive and quality technical support, Aria Laser Pasargad stands by your side with continuous service support by in-house expert technicians.

To learn more about our commitment to fair and responsible customer service, please contact us.

Training and support

There are two things that every buyer of a laser tattoo removal machine should pay attention to when purchasing a laser: the quality of the laser system and the reputation of the laser provider. When you purchase a laser tattoo removal, you are also establishing an ongoing relationship with the laser supplier. You want to make sure they provide the resources for your operation to thrive.

In-depth training is essential for any tattoo removal specialist to feel confident when starting to treat patients. From tattoo evaluation to discussing aftercare, there are many details to learn to provide top-notch service to your patients.

Aria Laser Company of Pasargad provides comprehensive professional training to all customers. During the training, clients learn extensive details about the science and practice of laser tattoo removal, giving them a foundation of knowledge when starting this profitable procedure. Customers of Aria Laser Pasargad will have access to training and support as long as they have our laser devices.